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Stroke Prevention In Seniors

Joe Tirio - Sunday, April 12, 2015

Stroke Prevention in Seniors

While just about anyone can have a stroke, the elderly are those with the highest chances of actually encountering such a medical issue. Because of that, it’s very important for the elderly to know what actually makes a person prone to having a stroke and which are the major risk factors. This way, it’s much easier to avoid those major issues that can appear in such a situation.

Stroke prevention for seniors needs to follow only a few simple guidelines. The elderly need to identify the risk factors, and then they have to make lifestyle changes or implement a treatment that will help them deal with this issue. Preventing a stroke is as simple as memorizing the symptoms and then taking immediate effect in order to deal with them properly.


Hypertension management

High blood pressure is one of the most common things that lead to strokes, and because of that managing this issue properly is a top priority. What the elderly can do in this regard is to avoid stressful situations and make some dietary changes as well. There are numerous foods that increase blood pressure exponentially, especially those with high amounts of fat, so such food needs to be avoided at all costs.


AFIB strokes

Atrial fibrillation is caused by the irregular beating of the human heart and this can lead to some very bad results as time passes. Simply put, this causes the collection of blood in the human heart, which leads to the formation of a clot that causes a stroke. The only way to deal with such issue is to visit the doctor and get the proper medication.


Lifestyle changes

Other important thing that the elderly need to do in order to prevent a stroke is to make some very important lifestyle changes. A very important thing in this regard is the inclusion of physical activity into the day to day habits of an elder person, since this encourages the body to function properly and thus reduce the risks of having a stroke. Smoking and drinking can also raise the blood pressure and lead to some unfortunate health issues, but at the same time they can also lead to a stroke as well, so it’s important to lower their frequency or remove them completely from the lifestyle, if possible.


Medical factors

There are some conditions that will negatively affect the body of an elder person and lead to a stroke. Things such as a high cholesterol rate, diabetes, circulation problems or other similar conditions can increase the risks of having a stroke, and because of that going to the doctor in order to treat them is very important. At the same time, treating these will lower the stroke risks as well.

All of these factors can increase the risks of having a stroke, and because of that it’s imperative to ensure that they are treated properly or, in the case of those lifestyle changes, modified in order to promote health in a more efficient manner. All the elderly have to do is to follow these simple tips and then they are bound to lower the stroke risks significantly. 

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